Engage in dynamic talks with inspiring and influential legends in education, sustainability, and agriculture on the island. The Road to a Regenerative Future video podcast is created to exchange insights on current issues and how they can inspire solutions and innovation that lead to a regenerative future.

Martana Diputra

Young Balinese Local Farmer and Part of Agriculture Team at Astungkara Way

Martana graduated with his bachelor's degree in agricultural science and master's in the Dry Land Department at Udayana University. He comes from a family of farmers and is passionate about securing a future for the next young generation of regenerative farmers to thrive in Bali. He’s working in a social enterprise company called Astungkara Way.

Astungkara Way is a company that creates alternatives to mass tourism that support regenerative agriculture and local culture. As facilitator and rice transition manager for Astungkara Way, He has been actively promoting regenerative agriculture in Bali by facilitating local or international participants in the Astungkara Way about permaculture, regenerative agriculture principles and applying it in pieces of land at Subak Uma Lambing. (Subak is an organization that manages water use in Bali's agricultural sector.)

I Putu Erry Cahyadi, S.Pd

Principal of SD No. 1 Kerobokan

Pak Erry is an educator with 17 years of experience in primary school education. He started his career as an educator in an international elementary school in Bali and within a few years became a tenured teacher in public elementary schools in several areas of Bali. Pak Erry is currently the head of SD No. 1 Kerobokan which is one of Green School Foundation's school partners.

Under His leadership, SD No. 1 Kerobokan has participated in efforts to cultivate the value of environmental education for students. He encourages waste management practices, reduction of plastic use and other efforts to protect the school environment.

Rai Twistyanti Raharja, ST.,MT.

Head of Primary School Education, Badung Regency’s Department of Education, Youth and Sports

Ibu Rai is currently working on leading the sub-department of Primary School Education in Badung Regency. Her responsibilities are to ensure that all policies and implementation in the current curriculum and programs run well in every primary school in Badung. The Green School Foundation has been partnering with Badung’s governance officials in the Department of Education, Youth and Sports to maximise the foundation’s capacity to enhance even more environmental sustainability education in schools in Badung area.

Luh Peni Betasari, S.Pd, M.Hum.

High School National Principal of Green School Bali

Starting her career at Green School Bali as a kindergarten teacher in 2009, Bu Peni is currently the High School National Principal of Green School Bali. Bu Peni is the person who plays a major role in the development, collaborations, and national accreditation of the High School of Green School Bali. Her 15 years of dedication at Green School Bali has made her more attached to the values of environmental sustainability.

Her concern for the environment and the local community drives her to make an impact on the local community. Bu Peni is currently initiating Sekolah Alam Bali/Sekala Bali, an environmental and English language education project starting in her hometown of Singaraja City.

Ni Wayan Purnami Rusadi, S.P., M.Agb.

Owner of Bee Jamur & Lecturer at Politeknik Nasional Denpasar

Ni Wayan Purnami Rusadi or often called Emick is proof of the youth's role in maximising agriculture. Emick is a mushroom farmer and owner of Bee Jamur, a mushroom cultivation and processing business located in Denpasar City. Emick, who comes from a farming family, succeeded in developing mushroom cultivation together with the Karang Taruna (Youth Organization) Peguyangan Village which was then developed into a business until now.

Not only in agricultural practices, Emick also took a role in educating the younger generation of farmers and became a lecturer at the Denpasar State Polytechnic. Emick's efforts in developing agriculture have led him to receive various national awards from various parties.