Agricultural University Scholarship


The upcoming problem of an aging farmer population across the world is most certainly concerning in terms of ensuring successful and efficient food production in the future. Fewer younger generations choose to work for the agriculture because of limited resources of materials and education.

Green School Foundation is taking the initiative in order to attract younger demographics towards agriculture by providing university scholarships and professional development in the area of agriculture and food security.

Program Purpose:

Provide the youth agricultural education and innovative learning experience that teaches cutting-edge farming solutions for them to become the next generation of conscious farmers.

Program Goals:

Provide full-ride university scholarships to children of farmers in underserved communities
Build a community of young farmers exploring the earning potential of becoming a successful and established farming expert
Co-contribute solutions to future-proof food supply, agricultural growth and environmental sustainability


Tuition for eight semesters
Living costs
Learning facilities
Development programs
Scientific research and exam
Final year activities


Scientific research costs
KKN/intership/on the job training costs
English learning and examinations
Graduation/related activities